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Workers' Compensation

Claim Processing Procedures

ALWAYS require employee to fill out an accident report. Employee's supervisor must also sign and date report.
Procedures for claims needing immediate medical attention
The following procedures shall be taken by the site secretary:
  • Request employee to complete an accident report.
  • Notify Human Resources office at 394-5426 that an employee has suffered a work-related injury/illness and send the employee to the HR office. 
  • Fax accident report to the HR office at 394-5401 as soon as possible or send it with the employee. This is needed to process the workers' compensation claim.
  • HR office will provide employee with the necessary forms to get medical treatment.
In the event that HR office is unavailable and the employee needs medical attention right away or an emergency situation, secretaries must give the employee the following:
  • Treatment Authorization form for work-related injury or illness
  • Prescription authorization form
  • Medical Provider List
  • Fax the accident report to the District Office
Procedures for claims NOT needing medical attention
The following procedures shall be taken by site secretary:
  • Have employee fill out accident report. If they do not want to fill out form, inform your supervisor.
  • Once the employee has submitted a completed accident report, the report will be filed at the District Office.  If the employee decides to secure medical treatment for injury or illness related to the accident,  the employee must contact the Human Resources Office. 
  • Send the original accident report to the Human Resources Office.  Human Resources will file accident report in the event it is needed at a later date.