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About Our District

The city of Livingston is located directly along highway 99 in the San Joaquin Valley between Sacramento and Fresno California.  Livingston enjoys the benefits of a small community in a rural setting.  Rich farmland sustains the local economy which is primarily agricultural.  The Livingston Union School District, located in the City of Livingston, is a rural school district covering 80 square miles.  It serves approximately 2,500 students within its four schools, Campus Park Elementary, Selma Herndon Elementary, Yamato Colony Elementary and Livingston Middle School.  Campus Park, Selma Herndon and Yamato Colony house grades TK through 5th; Livingston Middle School serves grades 6th, 7th and 8th. The District also has a preschool program held at two locations, Walnut Child Development Center and Prusso Child Development Center.  The District's student population is comprised of 80% Hispanic, 11% Asian and 9% other cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


A Little History


The first students in the Livingston area studied in a one-room adobe schoolhouse on the Robert Weaver farm in 1868. That building was later replaced by another single-classroom structure located on the McDonnell Flat Ranch in 1876. The building and classes moved into town in 1880, but as early as 1910 another schoolhouse was built on Crowell Street and the old McDonnell schoolhouse was torn down. It served the school district until 1921, when the Livingston School District, with a total student body of 197, combined with the Arena School District's 80 students to form its own consolidated district. A bond was passed in 1921 in the amount of $30,200, which was used to build a six-classroom, one-auditorium structure that would house the 227 students of the consolidated district. In 1945 the Selma Herndon school was built at B and Prusso Streets and in 1963 the school added a library, music room, and two special ed classrooms. In 1962 the construction of Campus Park School began and was completed in March 1963. As time passed and the number of students attending school in the Livingston Union School District grew, Yamato Colony was built in 1989, and finally, in 2001 Livingston Middle School opened its doors to receive the District's middle school students.