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Mission Statement

All students will be prepared as 21st Century global citizens. They will be proficient readers and writers who can solve problems and think critically, be adaptive and flexible, able to collaborate successfully in groups, effectively utilize technology as a learning and communication tool, demonstrate a positive work ethic, and make meaningful contributions to their school and their community.


Build a culture of progressive learning and collaboration for accelerating student achievement.


By engaging in ongoing professional learning and collaboration that is high quality, personalized and based on Common Core, teachers will have the instructional strategies to accelerate student learning; administration will lead and support effective instructional practice; and parents will have the tools to support student learning.



Our "guiding core values" direct our priorities, our goals, and our actions. They establish the foundation of a District culture based on high expectations and collaboration with an unrelenting determination to ensure the success of our students.

Our Students Are Not to Blame | We believe that circumstances of birth, socioeconomic status, language proficiency, or disability are not barriers to learning.

Collaboration is an Essential Building Block, Establishing a Productive and Supportive School Culture and Improving Student Learning | Effective instruction needs to be rigorous, relevant and builds on meaningful relationships with our students.

People, Not Programs, Make the Real Difference | The professionals at LUSD make the real difference; caring and competent classroom teachers, proactive administrators, a visionary  and engaged superintendent, and a supportive Board of Trustees.

Academic English Proficiency and Biliteracy are Keys to Success | Developing proficient use of academic English is the linguistic goal across all subject areas and grade levels for all students.

Collective Responsibility for the Success of Our Students | Within our respective roles, students, parents, teachers, support staff, principals, superintendent, and board members we are all collectively and individually responsible for the success of each of our students.

Parents are Our Partners in Education | Effectively involving parents with students in schools enables parents to understand more clearly the curriculum and expectations so they can support their children at home.

All Important Decisions Must Be Made Through a "Student Filter" | Sound decisions must always be made in the best interest of students.