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Medication Info

Medications during the school year:

California Education Code 49423 allows the school nurse or other designated school personnel to assist students who are required to take medication during school hours. This service is provided to enable the student to remain and or improve the potential for learning and education. If your child needs to take medication during school hours please keep in mind there are procedures that need to be followed to assure the safety of the students.

Below is a list of the procedures related to medications at school:

  • If your child is taking medication for an ongoing health problem, even if the medicine is only taken at home, please give a note to the nurse or other designated employee at the beginning of the school year . Please list all medications your child is taking, the dose, and the prescribing doctor. (Education Code Section 49480)
  • As a parent or guardian, you must supply the school with all medicine your child must take during the school day.
  • A parent or another adult must deliver the medicine to the school, except medication your child is authorized to carry and take by him or herself.
  • All controlled medication for ADHD/ADD, must be counted and recorded on a medication log when delivered to the school by a parent or other designated adult. The medication log must be signed by the adult delivering the medication and to verify the count.
  • Each medication your child must be given at school must be in a separate container labeled by the pharmacy with the child’s name, prescribing doctor, medication name, instructions for when to take the medication and how much to take.
  • All medications prescribed and over the counter medications require a signed medication form from the doctor and the parent.
  • Over the counter medication includes Tylenol, motrin, skin ointments, cough drops, cough syrups.
  • All medications are to be kept in the health office and stored in a locked cabinet.
  • All emergency medications for asthma, severe allergies that require an epi pen , and seizure medication require a signed emergency order form from the physician.
  • All medication that is discontinued, unused, and or outdated must be picked up by the end of the school year. New form to be submitted every school year.


Source: California Department of Education