California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act
Notice to Contractors

In accordance with Public Contract Code §22034 the Livingston Union School District is
inviting all licensed contractors who are willing to perform public works construction and/or
repair projects up to an estimated $200,000 to register their firm for inclusion on a list of
qualified bidders for the 2023 calendar year. 

Interested parties must submit a 2023 CUPCCAA Registration Form

Contractors must complete each field of the CUPCCAA Registration Form, sign and submit the
form electronically where indicated to be included on the qualified bidders list for 2023. Illegible
or incomplete forms may result in a contractor not being placed on the qualified bidders list or
not being notified of CUPCCAA bid opportunities in the upcoming year. All contractors must
ensure categories are selected for which their firm is interested in receiving notifications. Please
review all categories and select as many as apply. 

Please submit the form directly through the website or contact Nick Jones, Director of MOT
Livingston Union School District, at [email protected]

Phone 209-394-5405 

Submit the 2023 CUPCCAA Registration Form by clicking on the link