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Developer Fees


Government Code Section 66006(b) requires that each fund established for developer fee revenues, a district shall, within 180 days of the close of each fiscal year, make available to the public the beginning and ending balance for the fiscal year and the fee, interest, and other income and the amount of expenditure by public facility.  
LUSD shall review the accounting of developer fees at the next scheduled board meeting, 15 days after the information is available for public review, on September 14, 2017 at 6:00 pm at the District Board Room located at 922 B Street, Livingston.  To view the developer fees annual accounting report click HERE

Education Code Section 17620 authorizes school districts to levy a fee (known as developer fees) on residential and commercial/industrial development  projects for the purpose of funding the construction or modernization of school facilities. The basis of developer fees is the relationship between new development and the impact on school districts to provide adequate school facilities for the student population that new development generates. Further information on the allocation of developer fees is set forth in Education Code Section 17620, pursuant to Government Code 65995. 


  • $3.36 per square foot for Residential Construction
  • $0.54 per square foot for Commercial/Industrial Construction



Property owner must complete the below "Certification of Compliance Form" and get verification by the City of Livingston's Building Inspection Division prior to paying school developer fees.  Fees and completed form must be submitted to the District Office located on 922 B Street, Livingston CA 95334.


If you need further information about developer fee rates, please contact:

Berenice Camilo  .........  By Phone | (209) 394-5425  ..........  Email |



Below you will find additional information related to our developer fees.